Switching between Workspaces is also possible on the mobile app. This way you can keep a track of all the different projects while you're on the go, irrespective of which workspace that you are a part of.

If you're unsure about what workspaces are, refer this article or if you'd like to know when you need to create a new workspace, click here.

Listed ahead are the steps you need to follow for switching the current workspace.

  • Tap the planBIM logo located on the top-left corner of the phone screen or slide towards right from the left edge of your phone. A drawer containing a list of all different workspaces that you are a part of will show up.
  • Tap on the Workspace name that you wish to switch as the current Workspace.
Group 1396.png

You can now scroll through the list of projects inside the new switched Workspace.

Group 1397.png
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