List of Projects

After you sign-in to your planBIM account on your mobile app, you will see a list of projects from your current Workspace.

Every project is denoted by a project card which contains the project's image, the project name and the date when it was last modified. You can scroll through these projects and find the one you want to access. Once you find that, tap on the intended project card.

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Project Home

After tapping on a project card, you'll be taken to the Project Home. It comprises of a brief description of the project with other information related to the project like project type, project scale, project value and the location. Tap on the icon as shown in the image to edit these details.


The user cannot modify any details of the Project Home through the mobile app. This needs to be done through the web app only for now.

Scrolling down from here, you will observe the accessible modules and a summary of items that are currently present inside them. Apart from that, you can toggle the Project Visibility, by which you can allow or disallow the project to be visible to other members who are a part of the workspace but not a part of the project. You can only toggle this if you're a Manager or Editor.

As shown in the image below, you can also view and add Project Tags.

Tap on any of the cards or tap on VIEW ALL, to view all the content objects.

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If you scroll down further you will be able to view the project members classified according to the company they belong to. In this way you can view all the users that are involved in the project.

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