To create your account in planBIM, open our planBIM application or tap here to sign up from our website. You can proceed with either of the following options:

  • Using Social login method
    - Google
    - Linkedin.
  • Using an Email ID

Using Social login method

To Sign in using Google account, tap on the icon of Google as shown in the image. Now choose the account for signing up by tapping on that account details from the list.

Group 613.png
Group 612.png

While signing up from LinkedIn, tap on the icon of LinkedIn as shown above, now sign in to your LinkedIn account using your LinkedIn email ID and password.

Group 614 (1).png

Tap on ALLOW to proceed to the welcome page.

Using an Email ID

You can sign up using your Email ID (Proceed with your company’s email ID, if any)

After choosing your login account, you need to enter your details like your name and mobile number. Set an appropriate password and go ahead!

Group 615 (6).png
Group 616 (4).png


Registered email-ID on planBIM cannot be changed further.

You would get a verification mail from our team, so go to your account and verify that it’s you!

Now sign in with your verified account and you’re good to go😎

Group 616 (7).png


After signing in to your planBIM account, it is required to enter your official company domain ( a company domain is the web address that comes after ‘@’ symbol in an email address) and send a joining request to the owner/ambassador of the company.

If your company is not verified, just hit SKIP option and proceed further and you will be required to fill your company details and your designation. Now enter your company details or click on SKIP for now and proceed further. You can edit your company details whenever you want to. Tap on FINISH to proceed to your workspace.

Group 616 (9).png
Group 617 (1).png

And that’s it! 😃

You will be directed to the workspace specially created for you!

Screenshot_2020-07-18-17-13-42-139_techture 1.png

Click here to know more about creating a project.

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