The planBIM plugin for AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® extends the features of our web and mobile apps via a seamless integration of planBIM with your Revit files.

Currently, the plugin supports the Scoper and Content Module.


The plugin enables AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® users to visually classify elements inside their models according to Level of Detail (LOD), Level of Information (LOI) and Level of accuracy (LOA) as per the Scope defined in planBIM.

The user can view the LOD Specification for a specific category in Revit simply by clicking on a relevant element in the model space. The specification gives an idea of the LOD, LOI, LOA as well as the parameters that need to be included in the Revit element. There is also functionality to associate a family or family type of selected element to a scope specified in planBIM. Using this plugin, the BIM team can stay on top of which elements have been modelled and at which LOD in a Revit file.

Learn more about Scoper for Revit in this article. If you'd like to understand more about the module itself, read this.


You can do a lot of stuff with Revit related content that lives inside your planBIM projects through the feature rich Content module.

For starters, you can download, upload, sort, filter and search through all the families that exists in planBIM. You can very conveniently insert families into your models and select and isolate the ones you've placed.

It acts as one single source of truth for all your BIM components. As a modeller or engineer you can access components uploaded by the rest of the team as well as ones that have been approved by the BIM Manager. As a BIM Manager, you can approve or reject components and also see which components have been downloaded and used in which files.

Read more about planBIM Content in Revit here.

Since this app retrieves data from planBIM, the user must have an account on the app and create a project and then sign in into the planBIM plugin inside Revit. A user can only access the project in Revit if they're an Editor or a Manager in it.

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