In planBIM, whenever you create your account, it gets associated with your company. You can create multiple workspaces, or others can invite you to their workspace. Each workspace can have multiple projects. Refer to the illustration below.

There are different roles that users can have at a company, workspace and project level.

Project User Structure

Users in a project in planBIM can take on three different roles, namely:

  • Manager: A Manager has the maximum privileges in a project, i.e. to add/remove other members, revoke/grant module access of project members and change their roles on a project. Managers also have some more module specific permissions.
  • Editor: An Editor can only add/remove other editors or viewers, and change project roles for them. They can create, edit, download and comment on all project related data.
  • Viewer: A Viewer can only observe the project data in which they are allowed access. The viewer can, however, download or comment on certain sections of the app.

For a detailed comparison of user project roles, please see: Project Roles Matrix

Workspace User Structure

Whenever you create a workspace, your email account by default represents an Owner of the workspace.

  • Owner: An Owner has all the privileges of a workspace. Some of the rights that only owners have are to upgrade/downgrade plan of the workspace, handle billing info and invoices, invite others as owners and they can also edit the workspace name and delete it.
  • Admin: An Admin can manage all users, companies, projects of the workspace. An Owner automatically has all admin level rights.
  • Member: Any user who is a part of any project in the workspace is a member of the workspace. They can only see projects which they are a part of. Project privileges depend on their project role.

For a detailed comparison of user project roles, please see: Workspace Roles Matrix.

Workspace roles are entirely unrelated to Project roles. For instance, a Member could be a Manager in a Project, and an Owner could be a Viewer.

Company User Structure

Users in planBIM can be categorised in 2 different groups inside a company

  • Ambassadors: The ambassadors of the company are the ones who represent the company and are liable to pay for the members inside the company, when the billing is done under company instead of the workspace. Ambassadors can transfer the BIMcoins to their company which can be later on used for billing and other expenses. Ambassadors have different designations in companies and different roles inside a project.
  • Team Members: The team members in the company have no control over the BIMcoins of company. The team members have different designations in a company and have different roles inside a project.

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