Once you've created a new project, one of the first things that you'd want to do is to invite others to it.

planBIM has been built to support collaborative working on Construction projects. Since most of the projects are multi-disciplinary and involve a lot of different companies, you can invite people from your team or other companies as well.

On the Project Homepage, click on Manage Users. You can only invite others if you're a Manager or an Editor in that project. If you are a Viewer for the particular project, you will not be able to see the Manage Users button.

From here, you can see who else is already having access to this project.

You can invite more people to the project by clicking on the + icon in the Manage users pop-up. Here, you'd need to enter the email and role of the person you'd like to invite. If needed, you can also add a note in the invitation which will be sent along with the email.

If they're already a member in one or more projects in the current workspace, you'll see their name come up.

Else, they'd be sent an invitation to join planBIM and would need to sign up (if they haven't got a planBIM account then you'll get 5 BIMcoins for each new user that you invite who signs up to planBIM).

If they're already a planBIM user, they'll get a mail mentioning that you've invited them to your project.


If you're a Manager, you can invite others as Managers, Editors or Viewers. If you're an Editor, you can only invite others as Editors or Viewers. Viewers cannot invite anyone else to the project. They would need to contact an Editor or a Manager in such cases.


For Workspaces on our Lite, Basic, Plus or Pro plans, every Editor or Manager that is added to the project, will contribute towards your invoice.

To invite users from other integrated platforms, follow these simple steps:

  • Select the project and open it
  • Click on MANAGE USERS as shown in the image, a pop-up window will appear, click on the ‘+’ icon as shown in the image to manage users.
Group 1302.png
  • A new pop-up window will open, click on the icon to add integrated platform. You will be directed to a new window, select your integrated platform as shown in the image.

Select your hub to invite from the dropdown menu that appears after clicking on the empty field as shown.

Select the users that you wish to add and click on INVITE to successfully add users.

Group 1305.png

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