planBIM Docs is a comprehensive document editing and management module. It allows users to collaborate documents with ease. It acts as a versatile documentation tool wherein users can essentially roll out BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) and more.

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Docs doesn't refer to drawings or models here. If you're looking to manage those, please read about our Files module.

A document in planBIM can either be in Draft or in Published mode. Read on to know more.


The Drafts section of Docs is the place for all the documents you create. You can also invite other editors of the project as collaborators to your drafts.

Following are some salient features of the editing functionality that planBIM provides:

  • Real-time Collaboration
    Access anywhere, anytime. Instantly see team updates and comments in a live online environment.
  • Advanced Online Editing
    Drop in images, tables, videos and more. Then edit everything in your browser.
  • Rich Media
    Embed advanced content from many web-based tools like process maps from, YouTube videos, surveys from Typeform, slides from Google, 360 Indoor viewers from Matterport and even SketchFab models.
  • Import from Word
    Intelligently drop in current standards detecting styles from Microsoft Word allowing you to retain formatting when pasting – helping you to standardize your content across all templates – our editor does it all for you.
  • Approval workflows
    Section level approval can be done by collaborators to track the progress of finalization of the document.
  • Revision Management
    planBIM automatically handles versioning for all drafts that are published. Previous revisions which were published by you or other collaborators can be viewed and easily restored.

Read more about functionality of drafts here.


Once a draft is ready for others on the project to view it, you can choose to publish the document. You can access the documents published by you or others in the project from the Published section.

planBIM automatically tracks revisions and increments the Document version whenever a new draft is published.

Published documents can also be approved/rejected and commented upon.

Learn more about all this from here.

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