After you create a project, you'll be redirected to the Project Home page. Here, you can update your Project Information, manage users to view and access, assign roles to the members in the project. It also acts as a gateway to all planBIM features as you can navigate to all the different modules.

Some essential aspects of the Project Home include:

  • Project Information
  • Project Visibility
  • Manage Users
  • Module Cards
  • Track Activity
  • Module Switcher

Project Information

Here, you can fill in the necessary information about your project which will display in the project details in list view of all projects.

When you go to your Project Home page,

You can choose the Project type from the dropdown menu after clicking on it.

Add Project Value to state the monetary value of your project with a suitable currency.

You can enter the Scale of project to indicate its size. (eg. A shopping complex with 8 towers having 12 floors each) for better understanding at the preliminary stage.

To update the project location, you can either hover over the map to reveal an Update button as shown in the above picture or click on the map icon next to the Location text.

You can search for a location using the search bar on top. Or, you can also drag the location marker around and set it at the desired location.

A lot of times, the exact address may not be displayed for the location you've selected. But, we've got you covered! You can toggle the custom address button and enter your desired address. This way, the text reflects the correct address and the map reflects the corresponding location.

Apart from this, you can also update the project picture. Follow the steps shown below:

Project Visibility

From here, you can typically control the visibility of the project for users who are not a part of this project but are a part of your Workspace. This action is useful in cases when you're not sure whom to add to the project. If the toggle button is switched on, people can see the project in their list and request you to add them. If the button is switched off, then the project will only be visible to the members that you explicitly add after creating the project.

This option is available right next to the Project Information section inside the Project.

Group 1089.png

Manage Users

Control who can access which part of the project and in what capacity.

Click here to know more about the Organizational Breakdown Structure for planBIM in a project or workspace.

Module Cards

Access all the different features of planBIM for your project by navigating to these modules. By default, each card will show you what can be done using that particular module.

Once you start using the module, the cards will update to show you useful information or quick links to the aspects within that module.

chrome_70obA8WKWh 1.png

Track Activity

All the activity related to the project can be seen on the project home page. Whenever someone is added to the project or their roles are changed, it is recorded in the activity section. You can scroll down in your Project home page to observe the project activity.

Module Switcher

The module switcher is a navigation element at the bottom of your screen. It stays there throughout the time that you're inside a project in planBIM. It will disappear once you are out of a project. You can click on the individual modules to view specific feature set, or hover over it to navigate to a section within the module.

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