You can delete or archive a project from your Workspace.

Just follow these simple steps to do so:

On the Projects page just hover over the project card in the grid view that you'd like to delete as shown in the image below.

Now, if you are willing to delete a project, just click on 🗑️ icon, you will get a pop-up asking your permission to delete the project and on confirming it, your project will be deleted. Similarly, click on 🗃️ to archive your project.

If you'd like to process delete and archive multiple projects, you can do so from the list view. You can toggle between list and grid views from the icon on the top right.

Please note that you can only delete or archive those projects in which you're either an Editor or a Manager. Viewers cannot delete or archive projects.

You can access deleted projects from the 🗑️ DELETED icon you see at the bottom and delete or restore your projects from there.

Frame 616 1.png

Similarly, for archived projects, you can view them by clicking on 🗃️ ARCHIVED icon and also remove them from the archive if necessary. You can delete a project permanently from the archive by selecting the delete option.

📓 Note

Archived projects stay in the Archive folder until you restore them. However, deleted projects will be purged from our database within seven days from the time they are deleted. So, do make sure you back up your relevant data before you delete your project!

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