You can edit your profile information by clicking on your profile icon on the top-right corner.

When you choose Edit Profile from the contextual menu, you'll be redirected to a new page.  

The Profile & Settings page consists of various sections as mentioned below:

Profile Details

This section let's you change your profile picture, name, designation and even add a bio. The information that you add here will be visible to other users you interact with, in planBIM. Also, if you wish to change your vital information associated with planBIM i.e email and mobile number, you can do so from this section.

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Account & Security

This section will help you change the password associated with your account and if you've used social login methods then those details can be seen here.

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Switch Workspaces

If you're a part of more than one Workspace, you can change your current workspace to any other workspace from this section. You will not be able to see other workspaces in case you're a part of only one Workspace.

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Here you can manage all your personal BIMcoins. You can see how many BIMcoins you have, you can transfer them to your company or workspace and you'll also be able to see the entire history of your BIMcoins transactions.

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